An efficient secure sum of multi-scalar products protocol base on elliptic curve


  • Vu Thi Van
  • Luong The Dung
  • Hoang Van Quan
  • Tran Thi Luong



Scalar Product Protocol, Secure Multi-party Computation, Secure Sum Protocol, Elliptic curve cryptosystem, Privacy preserving data mining, Privacy preserving frequency mining

Tóm tắt

AbstractThe secure scalar product is one of the most important protocols in PPDM. It is used in many problems such as safe auction, secure voting, ensuring privacy for recommendation systems and statistical data analysis, etc... In this paper, we propose an efficient multi-party secure computation protocol using Elliptic curve cryptography, which allows to compute the sum value of multi-scalar products without revealing the input vectors. Moreover, theoretical and experimental analysis shows that the proposed method is more efficient than others in both computation and communication.


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Van, V. T., Dung, L. T., Quan, H. V., & Luong, T. T. . (2022). An efficient secure sum of multi-scalar products protocol base on elliptic curve. Journal of Science and Technology on Information Security, 2(14), 18-25.