About the Journal

About the Journal

Edit About the JournalInformation Security Journal publishes a periodical academic, scientific, specialized journal in the field of information security named “Journal of Science and Technology on Information security”. The publication aims to create a forum to discuss scientific and technological issues in the field of information security, to support of researching science and technology in this field, and contribute to connecting research, trainning and applications deployment.

The Journal of Science and Technology on Information Security - abbreviated name ISJ, with index ISSN 2615-9570 is a publication of Information Security Journal, Vietnam Government Information Security Commission. This is an academic, scientific, specialized magazine and is also a place to discuss scientific and technological issues in the field of information security, support scientific and technological research in this field, and contribute connecting research, training and application deployment. Helpful for leaders, managers, scientific and technical staff, teachers, students...

The Journal of Science and Technology on Information Security has been published since 2015 with 2 issues/year (1 issue in Vietnamese and 1 issue in English). By 2022, the publication has increased the number of publications to 3 issues/year with 2 English issues (published in June and December) and 1 Vietnamese issue (published in September). From 2024, the Journal's installments will be published entirely in English.

The Journal of Science and Technology on Information security in the field of Information Security is recognized as high quality according to Decision No. 22/QD-HDGSNN of the State Council for Professorship (http://hdgsnn.gov.vn/tin-tuc /quyet-dinh-so-22-qd-hdgsnn-phe-duyet-danh-muc-tap-chi-khoa-hoc-duoc-tinh-diem-nam-2023_729 ). According to The State Council for Professorship of Vietnam, the paper are counted 0.5 score by The Council for Professorship in Information Technology and 0.5 score by The Interdisciplinary Council for Professorship in Electrical-Electronics-Automation.

The papers published in the Journal are scientific research works, new technologies applications, scientific achievements and new techniques in the field of information security. They have not been published or sent to any magazines or any conference proceedings.

The papers are sent to scientists for strict assessment and criticism and to be counted points, according to the process of publishing scientific works of The State Council for Professor Title of Vietnam. The authors whose papers are published will receive royalties according to the provisions of the Journal, along with the issues including their papers and soft copies (PDFs) of other issues if needed. Authors do not have to submit any fees when submitting articles. All cost for the publication process is supported by Journal of  Science and Technology on Information security.



Call for scientific papers for 2024

Dear professionals!

To prepare for publishing the Journal of  Science and Technology on Information security 2024 in English and aim to become a prestigious, quality magazine with unique characteristics in the field of information security and safety. The Journal respectfully invites and calls on all domestic and foreign scientists to submit quality articles to the Journal. The release schedule for 3 issues in 2024 is as follows:

No. 1.CS(21) 2024 is expected to be published: June 2024

No. 2.CS(22) 2024 is expected to be published: September 2024

No. 3.CS(23) 2024 is expected to be published: December 2024

Authors please submit the manuscript according to the format of the Journal provided at https://isj.vn/index.php/journal_STIS/information/authors. Article submission rules and guidelines for presenting articles are posted on the website https://isj.vn/index.php/journal_STIS/index. For support, please contact us via email at thukychuyensan@bcy.gov.vn or reach out to the Administrative Secretary, Hoang Thi Thu Hang, via mobile phone at +84 914372016.



Current Issue

No 1. CS (21) 2024
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Published: 2024-06-28


  • Speeding up data processing on firewall using FPGA

    Download: 48

    Abstract views: 48 / PDF downloads: 1

    Tran Ngoc Son, Nguyen Van Manh, Dinh Viet Phuong
  • On the security of AEAD scheme is recommended for use in Signal protocol

    Download: 55

    Abstract views: 55 / PDF downloads: 30

    Nguyen Tuan Anh, Trieu Quang Phong
  • The quantum circuit construction for S-boxes without ancilla qubits: A more detail analysis

    Download: 79

    Abstract views: 79 / PDF downloads: 41

    Nguyen Van Long, Hoang Dinh Linh, Le Quoc Dat
  • Enhance deep learning model for malware detection with a new image representation method

    Download: 45

    Abstract views: 45 / PDF downloads: 16

    Vo Khuong Linh, Nguyễn Việt Hùng, Tran Ngoc Anh, Duong Do Nhuan, Dinh Cong Hien
  • A High Throughput, Low Latency 105 Gbps Four-Pipeline Stage AES

    Download: 58

    Abstract views: 58 / PDF downloads: 25

    Tran Sy Nam, Luong The Dung, Nguyen Van Long
  • On some algorithms related to matrices with coefficients in a finite field and their computational complexity

    Download: 57

    Abstract views: 57 / PDF downloads: 2

    Pablo Freyre Arrozarena, Alejandro Freyre Echevarría, Ernesto Dominguez Fiallo, Ramses Rodríguez Aulet, Samir Alzugaray Vizcaino
  • The Effect of Using Weak Random Source on the State Synchronization of the Signal Protocol

    Download: 44

    Abstract views: 44 / PDF downloads: 5

    Trieu Quang Phong, Pham Duc Hung, Ngo Phuong Tuan
  • Regular expression attack technique on ReDoS vulnerability

    Download: 73

    Abstract views: 73 / PDF downloads: 17

    Nguyen Trung Dung, Pham Van Toi, Phung Minh Hieu
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