Efficient multiplication of a vector by a matrix MDS


  • Pablo Freyre Arrozarena
  • Ernesto Dominguez Fiallo




MDS matrices, multiplication of polynomials

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Abstract An algorithm is proposed for the efficient multiplication of a vector by an n x n MDS matrix defined on Fq or by its inverse. The algorithm is based on the multiplication of two polynomials modulo a polynomial of degree n Reed-Solomon code generator and has complexity O(nlog2log2(nlog2q)).

The algorithm only needs to store n values of the Fq field for the multiplication of a vector by an n x n MDS matrix and 2n values for the multiplication of the vector by the inverse matrix.


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Freyre Arrozarena, P. ., & Fiallo, E. D. (2023). Efficient multiplication of a vector by a matrix MDS . Journal of Science and Technology on Information Security, 3(17), 26-36. https://doi.org/10.54654/isj.v3i17.888




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