Published: 2023-06-23


  • On some issues affecting the security of RSA and ECDSA digital signature schemes

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    Abstract views: 112 / PDF downloads: 1

    Trieu Quang Phong, Do Dai Chi, Tran Duc Huy, Nguyen Ngoc Diep
  • Network attack classification framework based on Autoencoder model and online stream analysis technology

    Download: 86

    Abstract views: 86 / PDF downloads: 2

    Nguyen Viet Hung, Dang Thi Mai, Ngo Thanh Tung
  • A method of generating mutated Windows malware to evade ensemble learning

    Download: 135

    Abstract views: 135 / PDF downloads: 51

    Pham Van Hau, To Trong Nghia, Phan The Duy
  • Implementation and evaluation of low-speed speech compression LPC and MELP algorithms

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    Abstract views: 86 / PDF downloads: 13

    Duong Phuc Phan, Chu Thi Ngoc Quynh, Nguyen Thanh Ngoc
  • Evaluating the Efficiency of Vietnamese SMS Spam Detection Techniques

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    Abstract views: 96 / PDF downloads: 20

    Vu Minh Tuan, Nguyen Xuan Thang, Tran Quang Anh