Call for paper


Dear experts and researchers in the field of Information security,

Information Security Magazine has published 12 issues of Journal of Science and Technology on Information security. The Editorial board of the Specialized Journal would like to thank the contributors for submitting papers, the scientists for participating in assessing and reviewing papers, and the readers for contributing valuable ideas to improve the quality of the Specialized Journal.

According to the Plan, Journal Vol. 1 No. 13 (2021) and Vol. 2 No. 14 (2021)  will be published in late 2020. The Journal would like to invite experts and researchers in the field of Information security to contribute scientific papers for Journal No. 13 and 14. The papers should be submitted before September 15, 2020 and November 15, 2020 for No.13 and No.14, respectively.

Scientific papers should be edited by MS.Word or Latex in the format of the Magazine. The format is available at, or contact via email to receive a its template.

To submit papers for the Specialized Journal, please access to, register an account at and follows posting instructions at

For further information, please contact:
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