The XXVI National Conference "Some Selected Issues in Information and Communication Technology" - VNICT 2023


The XXVI National Conference "Some Selected Issues on Information and Communication Technology" - VNICT 2023 by the Institute of Information Technology - Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology and the University of Technology - VNICT Logistics of the People's Police is expected to be held in Bac Ninh on October 5-6, 2023. The seminar was attended by the Club of Faculties, Schools, and Vietnam Institute of Information and Communication Technology (FISU). The main theme of this year's Conference is "Background technologies in digital transformation".

The conference is an annual forum for those doing research, implementation, teaching and management in the field of Information Technology and Communication to exchange academic knowledge, share application experiences and seek synergies. work. In particular, the seminar encourages young scientists, graduate students, and graduate students to report and exchange their research and study results. The seminar encourages the display and introduction of scientific and technological products and research results applied to practice.

The main topics (but not limited to) of the Workshop include: Information Security; Artificial intelligence; Machine learning; Processing and analyzing big data; Data mining; Image processing and virtual reality; Natural language processing; Intelligent systems; Multimedia technology and simulation; Communications and computer networks; Bioinformatics; Control engineering, automation, embedded systems; Mathematical foundations for informatics; Information technology in economy - society.

Important milestones of the Conference

Full text of report 30/6/2023
Accepting yearbook posting: August 31, 2023
Publishing conference proceedings: September 30, 2023
Register to attend: from August 31 to September 30, 2023

Conference Proceedings

The submissions to the Conference (in IEEE format, sent through the EasyChair system) with good quality after passing the review round will be selected for publication in the proceedings (published before the conference, with code number ISBN).

Some excellent papers will be selected to be published in scientific journals that are scored by the State Council of Professors such as:  Journal of Informatics and Cybernetics  (Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology); Scientific and technological research in the field of Information Security (Information Security Journal,  Government Cipher Committee); Research, development and application of Information and Communication Technology (Journal of Information and Communication,  Ministry of Information and Communications). Articles selected for publication in Proceedings or Journals must be presented by at least one author at the conference.

Delegate registration

Cost: 1,000,000 VND (the author has a report), 500,000 VND (the participants only did not report).

For more information about the conference, contact:

PhD. Ngo Hai Anh, Institute of Information Technology
Email:; Phone: 098 859 6582

MSc. Nghiem Van Hung, University of Technology - Logistics of Public Security
Email:; Phone: 094 655 5189