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Call for papers for Science and Technology on Information Security No. 1 in 2023

Dear professionals!

Journal of Science and Technology in the field of Information Security is an academic and scientific publication in the field of information security that is published periodically (03 issues/year), with code ISSN 2615 -9570. Articles published in Scientific Publications are peer-reviewed on the Journal's online system and are scored by the State Council for Professor Title.

To prepare for the publication of Scientific Journal No. 1.CS(18) 2023 in English, the Journal of Information Security cordially invites scientists, lecturers, graduate students, and working students. Working, teaching, studying and researching in the field of Information Security participated in writing articles for the Journal.

Authors please submit the manuscript according to the format of the Journal provided at https://isj.vn/index.php/journal_STIS/information/authors. Article submission rules and guidelines for presenting articles are posted on the website https://isj.vn/index.php/journal_STIS/index. Any information the author can contact via email thukychuyensan@bcy.gov.vn or contact the Administrative Secretary, Hoang Thi Thu Hang (phone number: 0914372016) for support.



Current Issue

Vol. 3. No. (17) 2022
Published: 2022-12-31


  • Efficient multiplication of a vector by a matrix MDS

    Download: 85

    Abstract views: 85 / PDF downloads: 26

    Pablo Freyre Arrozarena, Ernesto Dominguez Fiallo
  • Proposing the application of a deep learning model to detect the malicious IP address of botnet in the computer network

    Download: 67

    Abstract views: 67 / PDF downloads: 24

    Tong Anh Tuan, Nguyen Ngoc Cuong, Nguyen Viet Anh, Hoang Viet Long
  • On some relations of SCA-related properties of S-box under the Hamming weight leakage mode

    Download: 49

    Abstract views: 49 / PDF downloads: 23

    Alejandro Freyre Echevarría, Ramses Rodríguez Aulet, Alejandro García Gómez
  • Automated Test Data Generation for Embedded System Models Using Combinatorial Testing

    Download: 61

    Abstract views: 61 / PDF downloads: 14

    Do Thi Bich Ngoc
  • Extrapolated nonstandard numerical schemes for solving an epidemiological model for computer viruses

    Download: 68

    Abstract views: 68 / PDF downloads: 28

    Hoang Manh Tuan, Pham Hoai Thu
  • Initial point for enhancing DC Programming and DCA in Physical Layer Security

    Download: 41

    Abstract views: 41 / PDF downloads: 15

    Nguyen Nhu Tuan
  • Applying reinforcement learning in automated penetration testing

    Download: 115

    Abstract views: 115 / PDF downloads: 30

    Nguyen Viet Hung, Nguyen Thanh Cong
  • Approach to collaborative fuzzy clustering in large data analysis

    Download: 60

    Abstract views: 60 / PDF downloads: 16

    Mai Dinh Sinh, Dang Trong Hop, Do Viet Duc, Ngo Thanh Long
  • A new look in the representation of AES like S-box

    Download: 52

    Abstract views: 52 / PDF downloads: 18

    Pablo Freyre Arrozarena, Adrián Alfonso Peñate, Alejandro Freyre Echevarría, Ramses Rodríguez Aulet
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