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A publication of the Information Security Journal

Information Security Journal publishes a periodical academic, scientific, specialized journal in the field of information security named “Journal of Science and Technology on Information security”, ISSN 2615-9570. The publication aims to create a forum to discuss scientific and technological issues in the field of information security, to support of researching science and technology in this field, and contribute to connecting research, training and application deployment.

The Specialized Journal is published in Vietnamese and English with 2 issues/year. It benefits leaders, managers, scientific and technical staff, lecturers, postgraduate students... who are working in the field of information security in the country.

The papers published in the Journal are scientific research works, new technologies applications, scientific achievements and new techniques in the field of information security. They have not been published or sent to any journals or conference proceedings. The papers are sent to scientists for strict assessment and criticism. According to The State Council for Professorship of Vietnam, the papers are counted 0.5 score by The Council for Professorship in Informatics and 0.25 score by The Interdisciplinary Council for Professorship in Electrics-Electronics-Automation.


Current Issue

Vol. 2. No. (12) 2020
Published: 2021-07-14


  • Pseudorandom Sequences Classification Algorithm

    Abstract: 216

    Andrey Spirin, Alexander Kozachok
  • Alpha-DBL: A Reasonable High Secure Double-Block-Length Hash Function

    Abstract: 107

    Hoang Dinh Linh, Tran Hong Thai
  • Block Ciphers with Matrices Operating Alternately over Columns and Rows

    Abstract: 94

    Pablo Freyre, Oristela Cuellar, Nelson Díaz, Adrián Alfonso
  • Detecting Web Attacks Based on Clustering Algorithm and Multi-branch CNN

    Abstract: 102

    Pham Van Huong, Le Thi Hong Van, Pham Sy Nguyen
  • Statistical Assessment of two Rekeying Mechanisms applied to the Generation of Random Numbers

    Abstract: 106

    Adrián Alfonso Peñate, Daymé Almeida Echevarria, Laura Castro Argudín
  • A Novel Points of Interest Selection Method For SVM-based Profiled Attacks

    Abstract: 71

    Tran Ngoc Quy, Nguyen Hong Quang
  • Solution for Cryptographic Intervention in PCI-Express Data Transmission on FPGA Board

    Abstract: 81

    Phan Van Ky, Vu Ta Cuong, La Huu Phuc
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